2017 Austin Market Forecast by Urban Land Institute

TrendsAustin Market Forecast 2017

The 2017 Urban Land Institutes’ Emerging Trends in Real Estate has been released.  Austin sits atop their list of Markets to Watch.  This annual report analyzes data gathered by surveys conducted by the Urban Land Institute.

Categories examined by the report include Overall Real Estate Prospects for Investment and Development opportunities (ranked #1), Homebuilding Prospects (ranked #11, Raleigh/Durham #1), Economy, Housing, Investor Demand (ranked #5, Seattle #1), Development / Redevelopment Opportunities (ranked #16, Boise #1) Availability of Debt and Equity Capital (ranked #7, Nashville #1), and Local, Public, and Private Investment (ranked #17, Dallas/Ft Worth #1).

Austin continues the three year run of Texas cities that lead the survey (Houston in 2015, Dallas/Fort Worth in 2016 and Austin in 2017).

Despite Austin’s growing popularity, it remains a comparatively small market in terms of investment opportunities. While Austin is unlikely to attract a meaningful amount of off-shore capital, it tops many domestic investors’ wish lists. This makes the market very competitive. Despite the amount of competition, local, regional, and national real estate participants operate in relative harmony in the market. This cooperation has helped keep adequate levels of debt and equity capital available for investment opportunities.

The full report can be found here Emerging Trends in Real Estate – United States and Canada.



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