Austin #4 on Milken Institute’s List of 2011’s Best Performing Cities

Austin, Texas moved down 2 slots on the Milken Institute’s list of 2011 Best Performing Cities compared to its 2010 ranking.  During the 5 year period ending in 2010, Austin had the 3rd fast job growth in the country.   Austin is the largest metro area in the U.S. that has exceeded its pre recession era job level peak.

The detailed report goes on to talk about how Austin is a center for semiconductor production and how being the state capital has insulated it from the recession that his hit the remainder of the country so hard.  Housing and retail are noted as recovering markets thanks to job growth, wage gain, and a steady influx of new residents.  It’s also noted as being one of the most educated populaces in the country with over 37% of adults holding a bachelor’s degree.

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