Austin Board Realtors June Market Report

Austin MSA outpaces City of Austin Single Family Sales

During the first half of 2019 sales experienced strong growth in the Austin MSA but declined in the City of Austin. ABOR President Kevin Scanlan explained that the limited housing inventory (less than 2 months supply) in June and the increase in home prices combined to reduce sales in the City of Austin. This limited inventory and increase in prices has pushed more and more buyers to the suburbs.

Austin / Round Rock MSA in first half of 2019
Single family home sales increased 4.3% year over year
Median Home price increased 1% to $315,000
New listings increased by 1%
Active listings increased 4.8%
Pending sales increased by 7.9%
Sales volume increased 6% year over year

Austin / Round Rock MSA in June of 2019
Single family home sales increased .5% year over year
Median home prices rose 3%
Housing inventory decreased by .2 months to 2.7 months, well below the 6 month balanced housing market time frame

City of Austin first half of 2019
Sales decreased 1.6j% year over year
Median price increased by 3.2% to $387,100
New listings decreased by 3.4%
Active lsitings decreased 5.7%
Pending sales increased by .2%

City of Austin June of 2019
Sales decreased 2.3%
Median price jumped 10.9% to $420,000
Inventory decreased .2 months to 1.9 months

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