Austin Claims 8th Place in Top 10 Best Metros for Millennials in 2022

A duo of Texas cities reached #8 and #9 on our list of Zoomer-ready cities: In the eighth spot, Austin — a certified haven for Millennials and Zoomers alike and one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. — boasted affordability near the national average, as well as a 3.9% unemployment rate and good internet speed.

Generation Zers are graduating and looking for their first jobs, and with the ubiquity of remote work there is more flexibility than ever in choosing where they settle down. In this context, we set out to rank the cities that have the most potential as Generation Z havens.

To determine which areas are hotspots for the younger generation, we looked at the 45 biggest U.S. cities and ranked them based on eight indicators, including percentage of Gen Z population, affordability index, unemployment rate, internet speed, educational enrolment, and recreational establishments.

Here is a taste of what we found out:

  • Austin, one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., earned the 8th spot on our list of best cities for Generation Z thanks to good scores in several metrics.
  • It has a relatively low unemployment rate (3.9%), earning the 5th best score for this indicator among the cities we looked at.
  • It also ranked 8th for Gen Z school enrollment, with almost half of the city’s Zoomers aged 20 to 24 enrolled in some form of education.
  • Austin also boasts an affordability index near the national average, and good internet speed, making it a haven for Millennials and Zoomers alike.
  • Three more Texas cities made the top 20, with El Paso at #9, Houston at #11, and San Antonio at #18.
  • Overall, Atlanta earned the title of best city for Gen Z thanks to its large number of parks, highly educated Gen Z population, and affordability.


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