Austin, Texas a Magnet for Millennials

The Austin metro area claimed the 2nd spot in the top 10 metros for millennials, with good performances across several metrics, including share of millennials, and millennial population growth.

Austin a Magnet for Millenials


Meanwhile, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 17.4% of residents in the Austin metro residents were part of the Millennial cohort, which landed the Texas MSA in the top spot for its share of Millennials within its total population. And, even with all but two of its seven metrics below the ranking average, Austin still managed to maintain its runner-up position in the top 10.

Austin had the most Millennial-heavy demographic among the entries on this list, with Millennials making up roughly 17.4% of the MSA’s 2.3-million population.

Specifically, between 2016 and 2020, the Millennial population in the Austin metro area increased by 12.8% — the third-largest such increase within the ranking. Going by the numbers, that meant an additional 43,000 new residents within that age group chose to live and work in this Texas metro area. Plus, according to a previous CommercialCafe study, the Austin metro area has been especially successful in attracting new residents from in-state rivals Houston, Dallas Fort-Worth and San Antonio.

Furthermore, despite significant rent increases throughout the last couple of years and median Millennial household incomes below the $100,000 threshold, the region’s cost of living remains competitive when compared to other large MSAs: Austin finished in fifth place, outranking Denver, Boston, Seattle, San Jose and San Francisco.

Here, a robust STEM sector — which also boasts one of the highest female participation rates and incomes in this field within the Southern U.S. — has further contributed to making Austin one of the nation’s top spots for people looking to relocate.

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