How bad commercial space can slow down your company’s growth

Running a successful business means there is always growth, whether it is company expansion or financial gain. However, many factors influence how prosperous the business will be, and nothing is more important than the quality of corporate space. Often, this aspect is put aside and underestimated, but employee productivity depends on how comfortable they are in the working space. If it is designed poorly, it can drastically slow down your company’s growth. Bad commercial space is a cause of stress, loss of profit, and loss of customers. So before signing the lease, there are a few things to keep in mind, because you can avoid many problems down the line with some foresight.

A bad location for the commercial space will lead to loss of customers

The location of your business can hinder or help your growth. Unfortunately, many people overlook this fact and make improvised decisions based on their likes or dislikes and end up with bad commercial space. But there are many factors to consider before choosing the perfect location for your business in Austin. Picking an area that has poor accessibility will severely hinder your company’s progress. If there are no parking spaces, your customers and employees will waste time searching for one. Next, if all your customers are on the other side of Texas, you will not be able to establish quality service and communication. Likewise, how close you are to the competition will also influence productivity, for better or worse.

A sign of bad commercial space is the lack of readily available parking spots.

A crowded commercial space kills creativity

Imagination is an excellent tool for finding solutions for “impossible” problems. With it, we can make connections that lead us toward a goal that, at first glance, looks unattainable. However, for it to flourish, the workers need to feel comfortable and able to express themselves freely. Unfortunately, if they are working in a crowded office with minimum space and no privacy, it will be impossible for them to get the creative juices flowing.

If we are to successfully move out of the pandemic and back to work, this is something that needs to be solved immediately. Nobody will feel productive if they are supposed to exchange their calm and private home space for a packed one. Likewise, no room to move will cause more friction between employees. Therefore, even when choosing an open floor plan, it is better to have fewer satisfied people working in it than an unhappy crowd.

An office without shared space lowers productivity

Teamwork is where all the great ideas come from. However, if you do not have a secluded space where meetings can be held in a private atmosphere without interruptions, it will definitely lower productivity. Likewise, for successful business growth, a space for relaxation is also needed. A place where employees can unwind, destress and casually chat is key for keeping high efficiency levels. Not to mention that for many people looking for employment in Austin, TX, this is a number one requirement. Thus, you will also have a better chance of finding quality workers if you offer them space that is welcoming and caters to all their needs. For example, game rooms are perfect for developing teamwork and boosting communication.

A place to chat and relax will boost productivity.

No space for conducting business with clients

The lifeblood of any business is its clients, and their utmost satisfaction is imperative. So if your commercial space in Texas does not have adequate space for them, you are in trouble. It means you will have to conduct meetings in a crowded area with employees or an office not designed for this. And first impressions are everything when it comes to working with clients. If they think you are ill-prepared for welcoming them, they will start doubting how well you can do the work. Therefore, there always needs to be a space in your company that is designed with a specific task to make them feel comfortable and respected.

A private meeting room for clients is essential for growing a successful business.

Avoid stressful office relocation

The most significant source of stress and anxiety among employees is office relocation. Moving to an entirely new location in Texas usually means they have to uproot their lives and leave behind everything familiar. Thus, it is vital to manage it so that you can settle hassle-free into your new premises. And the best way to accomplish it is to start planning well in advance.

With so many departments interconnected and having to work uninterrupted, it is best to appoint one person to manage everything. However, be sure to choose a person that is well familiar with the workings of every branch, for they will know how best to organize everybody so that the work does not suffer. Likewise, an office-wide announcement about the move followed by a presentation is a must. Employees will have the opportunity to ask all the questions and get all the necessary information. Lastly, choosing an experienced moving company is of the essence because they will swiftly relocate your business so that work can resume quickly.


With bad commercial space, it is impossible to grow and expand your business. However, it is not only because of a decrease in productivity. It is also about attracting the young minds that bring with them fresh viewpoints that will open many doors. Finding prospective new employees is of the essence if you wish to succeed in the Texas corporate world, not to mention attracting clients and maintaining the workflow. Therefore, as soon as the signs of reduced productivity appear, look for ways to improve your commercial space and working conditions.

Guest Author Bio:  Carl Crawford works closely with Heavenly Moving and Storage as a professional consultant and content creator. With an extensive background in logistical planning, he helps clients optimize their moving solutions for time and cost-effective results.

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