JUST CLOSED! Attorney Office Near Mueller Redevelopment









Recently I was able to help an Austin small business client that had been renting office space.  He and his wife decided that it was time to own and thanks to my wife and her friendship with the spouse, I was referred to them.

[important]The Challenge:  Locate a small (+/-2,500 sf), office property in a safe, convenient, investment smart location.[/important]

An A + Solution:  After looking at several different locations we settled on the location near the Mueller project in part because of the turn around of the surrounding neighborhoods and the potential for this property’s value to improve over time as Mueller continues to be developed.

Result:  Now a property owner versus a renter with upside potential for this purchase assuming that this area continues to be upgraded as it develops.

What can I do for you?  Interested in a similar success story for your Austin area small business, call me at 512-970-8359 and we’ll determine if I can be of assistance to you.

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