Over 25% of Austin schools are top Rated

Austin, Texas

Where to rent to be near top rated elementary and middle schools

Austin boasts 28% of the total number of elementary and middle schools as highly rated according to GreatSchools.org. Highly rated is defined as a rating of 8 or higher by the website.

For comparison’s sake on a national level only two other cities boast a higher percentage: 30% in San Francisco and 38% in San Diego. Other interesting data points include:

  • Renting near top performing schools is expensive. Zip code 78703 has 3 top rated schools and rental budget is $2,500
  • In areas without top rated schools average rent is $1,356.
  • The most affordable zip code with highly rated schools is 78753 where the rent averages $1,048, 78728 with average rent at $1,115 and 78731 which has prices at $1,174/month.

from a RentCafe.com Article

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