Social Media Use in Austin Real Estate, Mark Pustka Commercial Realtor

So I got a little love in the Statesman recently.  Shermakaye Bass with the Austin Statesman via a Residential Realtor friend, Peggy Little, interviewed me regarding the use of social media – twitter, facebook, linkedin, yelp in local Real Estate.

“And commercial realtor Mark Pustka, of McAllister and Associates, says that having his own blog and website has increased his profile immeasurably. He diligently monitors his LinkedIn account, where past clients and associates have logged kudos about his service.

“I am on Twitter, which I started doing about a year and a half ago,” says Pustka, “It’s difficult to measure the effectiveness of it so far”  but I will say that LinkedIn is really useful. It’s like putting your résumé on the Internet.  I kind of see a correlation between the number of people I’m meeting with each week and those people that have looked me up on LinkedIn. I think that (potential clients) use LinkedIn when they meet somebody and want to know who is this person and want to know his legitimacy, what has he done before.”

Pustka also likes the fact that people can recommend you on LinkedIn, and you can approve their recommendation before it gets posted.”

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