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Ten Reasons Austin Buyers need an Agent

When it’s time for Austin Buyers to purchase commercial property, it’s best to use a Commercial Agent to represent your real estate interests.  Why?  Here’s ten (10) reasons why Austin Buyers need an Agent. 10. Agents manage the buying process. A good Commercial Agent explains the purchase process to you and keeps the purchase process …

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Austin Real Estate Negotiating Tips

    When negotiating real estate deals in Austin its always a good idea to have a strategy for dealing with the other side.  Here are some Real Estate Negotiating Tips to follow. Focus on completing the sale.  Don’t get sidetracked by emotions, unimportant details, unforeseen challenges or difficult situations that arise. Endeavor to put …

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Cost of Buyer’s Representation

Typically Buyer’s Representation costs the Buyer nothing in a Real Property transaction.  How is that possible you ask?  The Buyer’s Agent / Broker is paid by the Owner through a commission payment to their Broker / Agent which is then shared with the Buyer’s Agent. So add free representation to the list of reasons why …

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Buyer Self Representation

Did you know that as a Buyer if you choose to represent yourself instead of using a Commercial Real Estate Agent for representation, that any conversation, off hand comment, misspoken word or any other confidentiality that you might let slip – must be conveyed by the Owner’s Agent to the Owner as a part of …

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