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Austin, Texas the Leader in Adding Jobs…

Austin, Texas continues to lead the country in adding jobs to their economy.  This is a testament to the efforts made locally to diversify the economy after tough economic times in the 80’s when the entire state’s economy was dependent upon the oil industry.  Austin knows jobs! AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Thursday, June 04, 2009 ECONOMY Once again, …

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Austin #8 in Kiplingers Best Place to Live & Work

Kiplinger’s: 10 Best Places to Live and Work Where’s the best place to hide during this economic downturn? Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine evaluated U.S. cities for their growth potential, analyzing their ability to hold onto jobs even if the economy softens further. With assistance from Kevin Stolarick of Martin Prosperity Institute, the magazine concluded that …

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Valence Battery Plant Headed to Leander, 4,000 Jobs Forecasted

In big Economic Development news for the Austin area, Valence Technology a manufacturer of advanced batteries has announced plans to open a new manufacturing plant in Leander with a forecast of adding 4,000 jobs.  What does this mean for Austin Real Estate ?  Keep in mind job growth fuels new home construction which fuels the need …

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Forbes – I ♥ Austin, Texas

Forbes Magazine’s love affair with Austin continues, recently naming it America’s best bargain City. Check out the other recent accolades Austin has earned from the magazine.  Nine different magazine features listing Austin as one of the best across a spectrum of categories.  Amazing!  Of course as a resident of this great City it’s no surprise to …

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1st Quarter Austin Housing

New home starts in the first quarter of 2009 declined by 47% compared to 2008 according to Residential Strategies, Inc.  1,215 homes were started in January through March 2009 compared to 2,297 starts during the same time period in 2008.   Part of the explanation for the low starts is that 2008 ended with a lot of …

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1st Quarter Austin Office Leasing

Office Market Trends Austin Grubb & Ellis Research First Quarter 2009 After three (3) consecutive quarters of positive net absorption, the Austin office leasing market went in the red for quarter 1 of 2009 giving back 158,281 square feet.  Rental rates declined and vacancy rates went up.  Overall vacancy rose to 20% for the first quarter, …

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1st Quarter Austin Retail Leasing

  Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Brokerage Company Austin | 2009 Market Outlook  2009 Retail • 2009 NRI Rank: 10, Up 1 Place. Forecast household growth and only modest job cuts will support retail demand in Austin this year, allowing the market to move up one spot in the ranking. • Employment Forecast: Employers …

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1st Quarter Austin Industrial Leasing

Industrial Market Vacancy Rate

Industrial Market Trends Austin, Grubb & Ellis Research, First Quarter 2009 The Austin Industrial market gave back 592,379 square feet of Industrial lease space in the first quarter of 2009, marking consecutive quarters in the red and the sixth consecutive quarter with an increase in vacancy. Large spaces were vacated across a range of industries …

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1st Quarter Austin Job Growth

Austin Business Journal April 17, 2009 Austin fighting back; jobless rate drops for 2nd month For the second consecutive month, Austin’s unemployment rate has decreased as the region tries to regain the losses it’s sustained in the recession. Austin added 5,100 jobs in March reducing unemployment from 6.3% in February to 6.2%. In the past …

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Is the U.S. Economy Showing Signs of Recovery?

Business Photo

A look at recent U.S. Economic news suggests that the Nation’s Economy is headed in that direction primarily due to the recent monetary liquidity inserted by the Fed. Does this mean the recession is over? No, but we may be close to bottoming out and the recovery may be achieved more quickly than previously projected.  …

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Moody's Economy.com March 2009 Report & the Austin Real Estate Market

This is consistent with other recent economic news and it’s good news despite the tenor of Mr. Friedman’s comments.  2010 is right around the corner and the steady improvement that will prelude a 2010 recovery means we should start to see improved economic news sooner (4th quarter 2009 perhaps) rather than later.  Edward Friedman,  Economy.com …

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2009 Austin Real Estate Outlook

While the national real estate market continues to struggle, the State of Texas and more specifically Central Texans can “thank their lucky stars” for their more promising near term outlook compared to other parts of the country. Consider that: The Austin Business Journal reported on January 8, 2009 that Texas ranks 4th on a new …

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2008 Austin Real Estate Market in Review

Residential in Review Housing typically leads Real Estate Recovery with Commercial following. Here’s a look at the Fourth Quarter of 2008 as well as 2008 Totals to provide a glimpse at the Austin Residential Market. Residential – New Homes Residential Strategies, Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Press Release New Home Starts 4Q08 – Builders started 1,459 …

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