Transformation at 2717 South Lamar, Austin


Demolition crews are out tearing down buildings at 2717 South Lamar where the old Austin Auto Machine Shop was located. The bright blue building seen in this photo is no longer there.



Here’s what’s going on today.  Most buildings are now gone.






Here’s what’s planned for the site.  327 rental apartments and 30 townhomes with first floor retail.  My buddy Kent Collins and Centro Development are the developers.



It’s great to watch these new projects come up out of the ground.  If you haven’t driven South Lamar lately you are missing out on a lot of construction and development activity.

The downtown Apartment Projects seem to be moving to the South.

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    • Jon P on December 13, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Thanks for the update on what will be built — we figured it would be more housing. It’s unfortunate for those of us who live off South Lamar as traffic is already completely prohibitive… the fact there will be another few thousand people living next to a road that is already at capacity at rush hour is not particularly exciting.

  1. The City of Austin has really been encouraging this kind of Development in the downtown and nearby areas. However improving the transportation system does not seem to be a priority. I think there are bigger traffic concerns created by the new downtown development and its impact on the Lamar St bridge and the intersection of Lamar and Fifth and Lamar and Sixth.

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