Violet Crown Shopping Center, Austin, Texas

Showed my client, Ant’s Eye View a great office lease opportunity at Violet Crown Shopping Center.  Thad Avery bought and has renovated and updated this North Lamar jewel.  It’s got a great art deco feel to the center and a ’50’s funky vibe.  I hope to be working on a lease in the next few days.

A new bbq joint is also opening in this same center, hoping to open first of next year, “Stiles Switch BBQ”.

Factoid ~  This shopping center was the production center for the film Dazed and Confused.  This actual lease space was the “Emporium” pool hall in the movie. Across the street is the autobody shop that featured the scene where the paint bucket was dumped on the kids head.

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  1. Louie Mueller Barbecue is not, has not and will not be negotiating with nor moving into the Violet Crown Shopping Center. Anyone claiming to be a Louie Mueller Barbecue pit boss or pit master and opening a location in Austin, TX is a charlatan.

    For official information regarding Louie Mueller Barbecue, please contact me, Wayne Mueller, 3rd Generation co-owner at by phone 512.352.6206

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