What is Austin Creative Office Space?

Creative Office Space DesignAustin Creative Office Space.  In a town known for its creativity, the term “creative space” is sometimes used to describe a category of tenant lease space that those working in these innovative fields are looking for.

I’ve worked with a number of these type businesses including social media consultants Ant’s Eye View, aerial artists Sky Candy, On the Flipside (a modern take on the photo booth experience) and another that I hope to announce soon.

What is “creative office space”? Just like those that work in fields that explore “new ideas” such as marketing, social media, or the arts – “creative space” is that which breaks the mold on what is thought of as typical.

It can be as simple as getting funky with the interior design of a traditional office building. Other times the business owner wants the building or structure itself to be of a creative design as well as the interior of the lease space. Retail or shopping center lease space or industrial, warehouse space is often looked at by these tenants because operating a business out of a building that was not designed to host such a user can strongly accomplish the goal of achieving “creative space”.

Here are some examples of what creative space looks like for the client’s I’ve worked with.

Ant’s Eye View

aev 3 aev 4












Sky Candy


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