Commercial Real Estate FAQs: 13 Resources for Getting Started

Investing is an attractive prospect for many business professionals who are interested in real estate. But breaking into commercial real estate can seem daunting, especially if you haven’t dabbled in any type of real estate before.

For an introduction to everything you need to know about commercial RE development, check out these FAQs from ATX Real Estate.

Q1: How do I get started in commercial real estate development?

A1: You must earn a real estate agent or broker license to sell real estate where you live, plus organizational paperwork to establish your company.

Licensing for Real Estate Professionals

How Hard is it to Pass the Real Estate Exam?

4 Legal Structures You Should Consider for Your Real Estate Investments

Form Your Texas LLC Online Today

Q2: How do I know if a commercial property is a good investment?

A2: Determining commercial property values can be complicated. Looking at the location and amenities is a solid start, but you’ll also want to calculate whether the property offers a good return on your investment and ensure you have a solid lease agreement.

Walk Score: Cities & Neighborhoods

Rental Property Return Investment Tips

Austin Commercial Real Estate Lease Terms

Q3: Why should I consider investing in commercial RE?

A3: The potential for high profit margins is one reason why many investors dive into the commercial real estate business.

Why Commercial Real Estate Is an Important Investment Class

The 8 Types of Commercial Real Estate

6 Commercial Investments Most Investors Don’t Consider

Q4: How do I fill a vacancy once I buy an investment property?

A4: You can market your property on your own or hire someone to handle the rental for you.

Picking a Property Manager

When a Property Manager Is Required to Have a Real Estate License

8 Ways to Attract a New Generation of Tenants to Your Building

Investing in commercial real estate may be a lucrative way to develop your own business. By exploring these resources, and other content from ATX Real Estate, you can learn everything you need to know to decide whether commercial RE is the best move for your professional future.

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Austin Retail Slowly Showing Signs of Stabilizing in Q4 2020

Austin Real Estate Fundamentals
Austin Retail Continues its Slide
  • Absorption in retail continued its slide registering a negative 162,000 SF in the fourth quarter of 2020.
  • Occupancy remains steady at 95%.
  • Average asking rent increased from $20.25 to $20.50/SF quarter over quarter.
  • Projects under construction increased by 100,000 SF + in Q4 with some 161,000 SF of new construction coming online in Q3 of 2020.

CBRE Research, Q4 2020.

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National October Office Report from CommercialEdge with focus on Austin

  • Austin and Dallas are currently the only two major markets with positive office using employment growth year over year. These markets have however seen available sublease space increase significantly since April.
  • The asking Average Full Service Listing rate for Austin was $42.63/SF/Year as compared to the National average of $38.11/SF/Year
  • The asking Average Full Listing rate has increased 5% over the last 12 months, compared to the national average of .6%.
  • Total vacancy in Austin is at 11% compared to a national average of 13.4%.
  • Compared to Dallas that currently has a $27.80/SF/Year Average Full Service Listing rate, down -3.4% over the last year and with a vacancy rate of 17.4%.
  • Over 7 million square feet of office space are currently under construction in Austin, almost 10% of the total stock.

Link to CommercialEdge National Office Market Report

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Tips on choosing the right office space for your Austin-based business

Tips on choosing the right office space for your Austin-based business

A beautiful open office space, an example of what you should be looking for when choosing the right office space for your Austin-based business.

Going through the overwhelming process of choosing the right office space for your Austin-based business can be challenging. With the COVID-19 outbreak affecting the real estate market, there is no room for error. With that in mind, let’s see how to make an informed decision that will benefit your business in the long run.

Why are Austin-based commercial properties highly valued?

Austin is known as the tech hub in the US. However, the city is such a good place for a business because no industry holds the market. Everything from government services to health care and beyond is well developed. The array of industries that operate in Austin is wide.

Austin has developed a strong and versatile commercial real estate market to back up the growing company needs. The variety of choices is large, and everyone can find exactly what their business needs.

Work with an experienced real estate agent

Buying a property on your own is formidable. However, it is not something you should do at the moment. With so many companies closing and the real estate market going through fluctuations every day, you have to think about the best approach.

You need an experienced hand of a professional commercial real estate agent to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Nevertheless, understanding how to choose the best office space for your needs is vital. In the end, you are the one who has to decide whether to purchase or not.

Know what you want

The first thing you should do is sit down and talk with your real estate agent. They need to know you, your company, brand, and your employees. The more they know about the business, the better.

Commercial real estate agents work with companies all the time, and they already have a pretty good guess about what your needs might be. You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you have entirely transparent communication.

Talk about your location preferences, the size of the property, your budget, and your short-term and long-term goals. 

Searching for the property

Once your broker analyzes the situation and the discovery stage is over, he will have enough information to find the best office space for you.

Searching for a property can be a long process, so be patient. The goal is to find the perfect office space.

A broker’s job is to do extensive research, do surveys, scheduling tours, and find multiple options. After that, you will get a shortlist of possible options, with floor plans, property flyers, and everything else. The final step in this stage is visiting all the properties. Your realtor will arrange tours, and after seeing them all, you will narrow down the options to what you like the best. Your broker will contact the landlords and provide their proposals for you to review, based on your choices.

How to know what property to buy?

Even though you are getting all the information about the properties you are considering, you still have to decide which one to purchase in the end. A seasonal real estate agent who understands the market and the demand will provide detailed analysis and comparison of all properties and be there for you as a consultant. They usually know what features to look for and what makes a property suitable for your line of work.

Research the construction agreement

Choosing the right office space for your Austin-based business does not only mean looking for a nice looking property. Some offers have a better deal than others.

Another important step is to get construction estimates. Usually, the landlord hires an architect to layout a mockup of the floorplan and get the estimate for you. The pricing will tell you if the property is worth investing in or if it will be too expensive for you. This is crucial to establish before the negotiations start.

The negotiation phase

The negotiation process happens between your company, landlord, and lawyer, organized by the real estate agent. There will be a series of offers and counteroffers, all in hopes you can improve the terms of the contract. When both parties come to an agreement, your real estate agent will prepare the Letter of Intent, which outlines all terms and conditions, and it represents a sign of good faith between both parties.

Hot office trends for renting in Austin

Let’s take a few minutes to look at office space for rent in Austin. The two most popular options include:

  • core office – This type of office space is considered “stable.” Companies usually rent this type of office space for many years in advance and use it to build a headquarters or established markets.
  • flexible office – Flexible space is rented for a shorter time frame, and it includes daily, monthly, and in some cases, yearly rent. The usual use is for expansion, employee mobility, satellite office, etc.

Moving to your office after the completion of construction

It is a lengthy process, but you need to start moving in after the construction is over. This is a massive project, so you need someone to guide you every step of the way. The best approach is to reach out to professional commercial movers. Experience in this line of work can make a huge difference and help you avoid delays. The most crucial part is that your business does not suffer while all of this is happening.

Tips on choosing the right office space for your Austin-based business – delivered!

As you can see, finding help for choosing the right office space for your Austin-based business is vital. You cannot go alone into this endeavor and hope to finish it quickly and efficiently. You need professional assistance to avoid making mistakes and wasting your money, energy, and time. Good like finding the best property for your business!


Jordan Hewitt is a freelance writer and an aspiring small business owner. He has contributed to a number of publications, and hopes that his guidance can help other struggling business owners.

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For Sale, Highway 71 East, 36 acre and 9 acre parcel, 14 miles east of Austin Airport and Tesla

Drone Video of Highway 71 East Property For Sale

Highway 71 East in Cedar Creek, TX (14 miles east of Tesla and the Austin Airport). Two sites, One site is 36 acres, and other is 9 acres. Each with Hwy 71 East Frontage.

  • Jurisdiction:  Bastrop ETJ
  • Waste Water: Corex is currently located 1600’ west of the 36 acre parcel
  • Water: Aqua Water along property frontage  
  • Hwy 71 Frontage:  36 acre parcel has 1600 LF and 9 acre parcel has 400 LF
  • Parcels are +/- 1,000’ deep
  • Location:  Across street from LCRA McKinney Roughs Nature Park and the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort.  14 miles east of Austin Airport, 14 miles east of new Tesla facility, 24 miles east of Austin, and 10 miles west of Bastrop.
  • Access: For 36 acre parcel, Hwy 71 East past Cedar Creek High School, second right after school at Still Forest Drive Exit, property on the right.  9 acre parcel is accessible at Hwy 71 East, second exit past Still Forest Drive to the right.
  • Possible Uses:  Industrial, Corporate Campus, Tesla related industry, Multifamily.
  • CALL ME AT 512-970-8359 with questions or for more information or email me at
Area Map showing proximity to Austin, Austin Airport, Tesla, and Bastrop.

Link to Property Flyer

Link to Loopnet Listing

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Office and Retail fundamentals down, Industrial Up in Q3 2020 Austin Market Report

Austin Real Estate Fundamentals
Downtown Austin, Texas

Office and Retail decline while Industrial posts positive demand

The Industrial market continues its surprised demand with distribution space driving the market to its 25th consecutive quarter of positive new demand.

  • Net absorption increased to 696,000 SF
  • Average asking rates increased to $9.88/SF
  • Vacancy dropped to 9.7%
  • 1.34 million SF of new construction continues forward.

Office vacancy continues to increase as negative market fundamentals continue in the office market.

  • Vacancy increased to 13.4%
  • Average office asking rates increased to $39.36/SF quarter over quarter with increases in operating expenses.
  • Development is flat with new construction appearing to have halted.
  • 29 projects with 6 million + SF are still under construction.
  • Last quarter over 200,000 SF came online

Retail continued its slide noting -426,428 SF of net demand

  • Occupancy is down to 94.6% in Q3
  • Average asking rent fell to $20.25/SF
  • Development activity has slowed. Construction activity continues but few new projects appear to be on the horizon.

Information courtesy of CBRE Austin. Links to Reports => Austin Industrial Market Q3 2020, Austin Office Market Q3 2020 , Austin Retail Market Q3 2020

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Finding employment in Austin TX – professional advice

A woman at a job interview.

Article courtesy of Betty White,

Finding employment in Austin, TX, can be overwhelming, but the options are ample. The city has a reputation as one of the best places to live in the US. The job market is strong, and the business environment is progressive and entrepreneurial. Several tech companies have more than 5,000 employees, and new companies are opening in Austin every year.

Hence, if Austin is your new address, focus on finding a home, and explore some expert real estate negotiating tips. We will provide you with professional advice on how to find employment and pursue a career here.

Set a clear job target

Knowing what you want and expect from a job is the basis of every job search. These factors will rule and steer all your decisions throughout the process. Take some time to contemplate on these points and make a definite list of the criteria your ideal job has to meet. Make sure the goals you set are attainable and manageable to avoid disappointment. If you succeed in your intentions, it will be easy for you to move here from any part of the state and build a career that will bring personal and professional satisfaction.

Create a plan for finding employment in Austin TX

A random job search is rarely a good strategy. It is vital to make a detailed plan, as it leads to commitment, diligence, and success in finding a job.

Firstly, you need to define a time frame. How much time do you need to see some progress while looking for employment? Then, explore job listings and list the companies that have attracted your attention and that you would like to work for in Austin. You will need to work on your criteria list and occasionally prioritize and narrow it, as job opportunities here are countless. Finally, once you create a list of potential employers, you will have to work on your resume and cover letter to adapt them to the hiring criteria.

Identify the best job listings

When you decide what you want and create a plan for finding employment in Austin TX, you can start looking for the best job listings. Job banks, networking sites as well as company websites, and niche sites are also helpful. One viable solution that can provide you with favorable and fast results is working with a recruiter. These are all the options that will maximize your odds of finding employment as soon as possible.

Brand yourself properly

The digital era we live in has considerably changed our approach to various tasks. The practices we apply when looking for a job are, thus, no exception. Nowadays, finding employment is impossible without branding yourself properly in the digital medium. Only then will your actual qualities and competence, combined with networking strategies, bring results.

Thus, in the initial phase of your job search, create profiles on LinkedIn or any other networking site. Your professional brand should leave a positive impression on potential employers, recruiters, and even contacts. This guarantees success in convincing potential employers that you are a candidate that the company can benefit from.

Combine offline and online efforts

While it is true that the Internet offers a genuine wealth of information to its users on job vacancies, salaries, companies’ and employers’ reviews, relying solely on the online environment is not a smart move. Although you will be applying for a job online, you should continue working on the best offline strategies. There is always a chance someone you know might help you with your job search. In other words, try to remember whether you know anyone at the companies you are considering that you can network with. When you connect to a company both online and offline, you stand out among other candidates, become a real person, and someone who has just gained an advantage among competitors.

List the companies you would like to work for

Having a list of target companies helps you stay focused on your job search. To stay well informed on relevant matters, sign up for email notifications for new job openings, and act promptly when the time comes. Revise the list occasionally, as your interests and priorities might change.

Improve your resume and create a compelling career story

Sending generic resumes is one of the most common mistakes inexperienced job seekers make. Instead, you should tailor the resume and your career story to contain the information relevant to the hiring criteria. Do your best to explain why your previous experience and the skills you possess make you qualified. Provide the details of what you have done so far, how it is impactful, and, finally, how a company can benefit from hiring you. 

Prepare for the interview

Proper preparation before a job interview is imperative. Firstly, find out as much as you can about the company. Secondly, try to predict the interviewer’s questions and practice answering them confidently. Make a list of questions you would want to ask regarding the company or the post you are applying for. Use your best to show expertise and knowledge to impress the decision-makers. Finally, dress smartly for the occasion.

Final thoughts

Due to the favorable business environment, finding employment in Austin, Texas, is significantly less demanding than in other US cities. Understandably, proper preparation is always necessary if you expect to reach your business goals. The city is not only the right choice for your career but for raising a family as well. With over 25% of top-rated schools, Austin is a frequent choice for many families.

Author: Allison Greenberg is a full-time office manager and a part-time blogger. While working at a medium-sized company, she has learned a lot about the process that potential candidates go through. In her articles, Allison hopes to provide helpful insight into the business world.

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Austin leads country in new apartment deliveries through first half of 2020

Nationally apartment construction is at 5 year low, down 12% from 2019

Building Elevation
Austin leads country in new apartment completions through first half of year
  • Texas cities are the most active in apartment completion to date in 2020
  • Austin is leading this category nationwide
  • Texas dominates with three more cities – Houston, Dallas, and Farmers Branch
  • The Austin metro is fifth from the top for new construction projected through the end of the year. Austin has added 62,000 residents from 2018 to 2019. Over 50,000 new apartments have been built in the area since 2016.

Data from RentCafe Blog Post, 8/16/20, by Florentina Sarac

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Q2 2020 Austin Office Market

Austin Office Market
Second Quarter, 2020 Austin Office Market information below courtesy of Colliers International, Austin, TX office.

Austin Sublease Space on the Rise

  • Subleases in the Austin Office Market have skyrocketed with companies including Parsley Energy and GoDaddy listing over 100,000 square feet each.
  • Sublease inventory is up 40% since the first of April, 2020.
  • The number of subleases has more than doubled when comparing year over year.
  • Despite the rise in subleases, large developments like Google and Indeed continue with construction of their new office towers.
  • Q2 of 2020 brought over 276,000 square feet of negative net absorption to the market place, with Class A buildings accounting for 165,602 square feet of the total.
  • 7,000,000 square feet of office space is currently under construction and over 2,000,000 of that is pre-leased.
  • City wide average rental rates increased over the quarter one numbers from $36.36 to $36.41/square foot/year.
  • Class A rental rates in Austin CBD decreased from $53.43/square foot/year to $52.99/square foot/year.
  • Citywide vacancy increased from the first quarter rate of 13.1% to 13.6%.

Click Here for the Austin Office Report courtesy of Collier’s International.

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1617 A, W. 6th St, Austin, TX For Lease

1617 W 6th St ATX
Street view of 1617A West 6th Street
  • Office For Lease
  • 1617 A, W. 6th St, Austin, Texas 78703
  • 1,464 SF
  • $32/SF/Year Rent + NNN
  • Date Available: 9/1/20
  • Lease Term: 3 + years

Great location. Just west of downtown. Close to Vibrant downtown scene.

4 offices, 1 Conference Rm, 1 Restroom, 4 reserved parking spaces + common, 1 Kitchen, 1 Reception, .

Floor Plan 1617 A W 6th

Call Mark Pustka at 512-970-8359, or email at

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Republic Drive, Kyle, Texas, 26 Acres For Sale

Republic Drive, Kyle, TX
Warehouse Zoning, All Utilities, Kyle TX development land

26 Acres For Sale, Kyle, TX.

Can accommodate single user or 16 lot warehouse subdivision

  • 25.98 Acres
  • Warehouse Zoning
  • All Utilities at Site
  • Single user, Campus Opportunity
  • Or 16 lot, preliminary platted, warehouse subdivision lots
  • Asking Price: $4,245,000 or $3.75/SF
  • Access: North bound Exit #215 off I-35 to Beebee Rd to Republic Dr. South bound Exit #215 off I-35 to Kyle Pkwy, U-turn to North to Beebee Rd to Republic Dr.
  • Location: Located on E side of I-35, between Buda and Kyle. 2/10’s of mile from I35 to Republic Drive.
  • Excellent access to I-35.
  • Strategically located to serve both Austin and San Antonio markets
  • Utilities: Pedernales Electric, Centerpoint Energy for Natural Gas, City of Kyle Wastewater, Monarch Utilities Water.
  • Additional Info Available: Geotechnical and Topographical
Republic Drive Survey
Survey of 25.98 Acres at Republic Drive, Kyle Business Park, Kyle, TX
Kyle Business Park Preliminary Plat
Preliminary Plat of 16 lot, Warehouse subdivision at Republic Drive, Kyle Business Park, Kyle, TX
Kyle Warehouse Development Site
Aerial photo of 26 acres and proximity to I-35, Kyle, TX
Ground View Kyle Business Park
Ground view of 26 acre lot looking northwest from end of existing Republic Drive roadway.
Ground View Kyle Business Park
Ground view of 26 acre lot looking north from end of existing Republic Drive roadway.
Ground View Kyle Business Park
Ground view of 26 acre lot looking northeast from end of existing Republic Drive roadway.

Call me at 512-970-8359 with questions or interest. Or email me at

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Austin MSA June Home Sales Rebound

Austin Housing 2020
Home Sales Rebound in June

Year over year home statistics in the Austin MSA improved in June.

  • Median Sales Price up to $340,000, up 4%.
  • Closed sales at 3,969 are an increase of 9%, which helped hold sales to only a 5.2 % decline during the first half of the year.
  • Homes were on the market for 4 fewer days, down to 44 days.
  • New listings are down 5% to 4,170.
  • Active listings are down 32% to 5,300.
  • Pending sales are up 33% to 4,737.
  • Total Sales Dollar Volume is at $1.67 billion which is up 13%.
  • Months of housing inventory is down .9 months to 1.8 months.

Rising prices, and low inventory are causing the local market to be very competitive and tight.

“There are plenty of unknowns in the months ahead, but June home sales across the MSA being up 9.3% year over year was tremendous when considering the strength of 2019”, said James Gaines, chief economist at the Texas A&M Real Estate Center.

Information courtesy of Texas A&M Real Estate Center, click here for Link.

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Austin Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Housing Update


Austin MSA Single Family Residential graphics courtesy Independence Title Company, data by Texas A&M Real Estate Center.

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Real Estate Center at Texas A&M projects impact of COVID on 2020 Commercial Real Estate

Information above courtesy of Texas Quarterly Commercial Report Texas A&M Real Estate Center – Click Here for Link to Entire Report

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Great Income Producing Property, Contractor or Service Provider For Sale at 2819 N. Bagdad, (address is formerly 4150 CR 279) Leander, TX

North Bagdad Rd also known as County Road 279 just passed new Glenn High School
Drone video providing overview of property front to back.
  • Asking Price: $1,400,000
  • Address: 2819 North Bagdad Rd also known as 4150 CR 279
  • 4.07 Acres
  • +/- 11,451 SF of Building Improvements
  • 2 Houses for use as Office and 1 Bedroom Apt (4,775 SF)
  • Swimming Pool with beautiful grounds / would work for Wedding Venue.
  • 2 large garages, a workshop building, 2 storage containers (6,676 SF)
  • Outside Storage Yard
Aerial Photo of Property

Executive Summary

DESCRIPTION: Currently zoned Single Family Suburban at front of lot and Single Family Rural at back of lot. On north edge of City of Leander. Residences with garages, workshops, storage yards, room to expand. 2 Houses, 1 Apartment, 2 large Garages, 1 carport, 1 Workshop and outside storage Yard. Extra deep well, heated pool, new A/C in apartment and bedroom side of house. Also hookups on site for a mobile home / trailer. Would make excellent office / industrial / yard work space with zoning change. Great Owner/User location.

DIRECTIONS: Take US Highway 183 North, west on San Gabriel Parkway, Right on Bagdad Rd N / CR 279, and property is on your left, 1.27 miles.

Street View. Main house to left, warehouse storage buildings to right. Controlled gate access.
Second Home on Site
Shop Building
Upstairs Apartment
Warehouse / Storage
Warehouse / Storage
Main House.

Contact Mark Pustka at 512-970-8359 or for more information or a tour.

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South Lamar Office Space For Lease, Two (2) Suites

3901 South Lamar
Two (2) Office Spaces for Lease

First Floor, Suite 150

  • Size: 1,262 SF
  • Term: 3-5 Yrs
  • Asking Rent: $26.00 /SF/YR
  • NNN: $13/SF/YR
  • Use: Office
  • Full Build-Out
  • Available Now
  • See Floor Plan Below
  • 11’6″ Finished Ceilings
  • Space is in Excellent Condition
  • Fully Carpeted
  • After Hours HVAC Available
3901 S Lamar Suite

Third Floor, Suite 310

  • Size: 2,059 SF
  • Term: 3-5 Yrs
  • Rental Rate: $26.00 /SF/YR
  • NNN: $13.00/SF/YR
  • Use: Office
  • Full Build-Out
  • July 1 2020 Available
  • See Floor Plan Below
  • 9′ Finished Ceilings
  • Fully Carpeted
  • After Hours HVAC Available
  • One conference room.
3901 S Lamar Suite

Move in tomorrow to Suite 150. July 1st move in, for Suite 310. Rare availability, don’t wait. Building stays full. Great opportunity for office near downtown and in midst of S Lamar scene. 3 miles south of downtown Austin. Four story glass curtain wall office building on South Lamar. Pristinely maintained and serviced.

  • Bus Line
  • Conferencing Facility
  • Property Manager on Site
  • Signage
  • Energy Star Labeled


  • On Site Property Management
  • Vibrant South Lamar location near new restaurants, apartments, condominiums and night life
  • On Site US Postal, UPS, Fed Ex and Lonestar Overnight

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April Home Sales in Austin impacted by COVID-19

Austin Home Sales
Austin Home Sales decline in April
  • Compared to April 2019, residential sales across the five county Metropolitan Statistical Area declined by 22%.
  • Sales dollar volume fell 18%.
  • Active listings declined by 7%.
  • Housing inventory stands at 2.1 months, .2 months less than last year.
  • Median sales price increased 3.2% to $325,000.
  • Homes were on the market 9 fewer days or on average 43 days total.
  • Active listings dropped 7%.
  • New listings declined 21%.
  • Pending sales declined 25%.

Austin Board of Realtors, May 19, 2020

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Austin Apartment Rent Falls with COVID 19 Outbreak

Rents dropped from March to April 1.2% which is in contrast to a year ago when rents jumped 5.7%.

Occupancy was up .3% from March to April.

Five apartment complexes in April had negative absorption – less units occupied than the previous month.

An additional 4,500 apartments are expected to be delivered by years end.

Source: Real Estate Center Texas A&M

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Q1 Austin Industrial Leasing down, Development Up

  • Asking rates fell $.24/SF to $9.56/SF
  • Vacancy increased to 10.8%
  • Absorption fell to 222,416 SF
  • 423,919 SF came online
  • Total average construction rose to 1.2 million SF

Data courtesy of CBRE.

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Q1 2020 Austin Office Market dips

CBRE Research shows that the Austin Office Market has softened for the first time in awhile.

Fundamentals have slowed when it comes to the first Quarter of 2020 Austin Office Market.

  1. Absorption increased to 600,000 + square feet.
  2. Triple net asking rates and OPEX costs caused the average asking rates to decline from $38.89/SF to $36.64 Quarter 1 2020 over Quarter 1 2019.
  3. Vacancy increased to 10.9%.
  4. Development remains strong with almost 7 million square feet under construction.

Information courtesy of CBRE. Click here for link.

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Austin Housing Market Steady in March

Market remained steady amid early corona virus realities.

Despite shelter in place orders from local government beginning on March 25th the local housing market remained strong.

  • For the month residential sales were up 2.2 % year over year to 3,042 sales.
  • The median price of homes increased from by 11.7% to $335,200.
  • Monthly inventory dropped .7 months to 1.6 months (6-6.5 months of inventory is considered a balanced market).
  • New listings declined 12.7% and active listings dropped 26.6%.
  • Pending sales fell by 19.2%.

ABOR president Romeo Manzanilla is quoted as saying “the true impact of COVID-19 won’t be seen until April”.

Austin housing market remains steadfast in March |News Talk Texas | April 16, 2020 |

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Austin Construction Crews back to work

Austin Construction back to Work

Governor Abbott’s Tuesday Executive Order clears the way for contractors in Austin to get back on the job. Mayor Adler agreed late Thursday after initially banning construction in Austin on March 24th.

The previous ban on construction by Austin was in contrast to other metro areas in the state where construction work was deemed essential. The mayor’s back to work guidelines include “numerous employer requirements for all construction work. Those include social distancing guidelines and healthy work practice requirements, including pre-screening the “general health” of workers, limiting crew sizes and rotating shifts for sites with more than 10 workers on the job a time.”

Corona Virus in Austin: Construction crews back at job sites as work ban lifted

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Industrial Development continues at record pace

Austin Industrial Development

A new development in Hays County has pushed the annual total of new construction in the Industrial sector to almost 1.9 million sf – an all time high.

  • For past 3 years 5.4 million sf of new product has been delivered
  • Over 1 million sf is currently under construction with 37% pre-leased.
  • Citywide average asking rates continue to decline from their Q1 2019 highs to $9.80/sf in Q4 2019.
  • Vacancy remains steady at 10.5%.
  • Q4 2019 deliveries totaled 262,174 sf with 2019 total net absorption at 1,307,789 sf.

Austin Industrial MarketView Q4 2019 CBRE

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Austin Office Market Finishes 2019 Strong

Austin Skyline

ECONOMY – Austin job growth has continued to outpace national averages and our unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the country at 2.5% Major tech expansion included companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Indeed. The growth trend is likely to continue as more companies look to expand their operations in Austin.

CONSTRUCTION – Over 2.1 million square feet of new office space was delivered during 2019. Another 6.1 million square feet is still under construction. Office development is at an all time high. Class A downtown lease space remains in high demand with vacancies below 6 % and pre-leasing of new construction at 70%+.

RENTAL RATES – The overall asking rate increased to $39.21 / square foot up $2.95 per square foot compared to the last quarter of 2018. Class A space is at $44.14/ square foot a year over year increase of 7.4%. As demand continues and more companies move to Austin, asking rates are forecasted to maintain the rental rate increases.

Marketbeat Austin Office Q4 2019, Cushman & Wakefield

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Austin area home sales breaking records

In December the Austin Board of Realtors released their monthly report and home prices and sales have hit another historic high. Based upon November sales numbers it appears that 2019 sales will surpass the total number of homes sold last year. Last month sales rose 4.5% to 670 sales totaling 30,561 sales. This is just 300 less than 2018’s total sales volume. By looking at trends it appears that Austin will surpass 300 sales in December and thus exceed 2018 numbers.

Austin’s November median home price for a single family home rose 10.6% year over year to $405,000 an all time high for November. The Austin/Round Rock metro rose by a modest 1.7% increase to $305,000 while Travis County rose .6% to $355,000.

Land in Austin continues to be severely constrained and so home builders are moving outward in search of lower land costs and development opportunities according to Vaike O’Grady, Austin regional director for Metrostudy.

In November Williamson County home sales increased 13.2% while Hays County increased 17.8%.

“Limited and pricey housing within the urban core is driving residents to relocate to the suburbs”, according to Kevin P Scanlan, Austin Board of Realtor’s 2019 president.

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Austin named CompTIA’s top 2019 Tech Town

CompTIA recently completed their 2019 Annual Tech Town Index. In this index of metropolitan areas the following categories were examined to come up with their ranking.

  • Where companies are hiring
  • Estimated projected job growth
  • Median annual salary
  • Average cost of living

Austin is the 2019 leader with Dallas, Texas the next Texas city at number 7 with Raleigh North Carolina and San Jose California at numbers 2 and 3 respectively.

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Third Quarter 2019 Austin Office Market


Rent decreased and vacancy increased in the third quarter of 2019 Austin office market with a total of 1,250,402 square feet of negative net absorption registering in the Class A market.  Class B had 180,000 square feet of positive net absorption while Class C properties had 46,670 square feet of negative net absorption.  This resulted in citywide vacancy of 11.5% up from 9.3% in Q2 of 2019.  Class A CBD vacancy was up from 5.7 to 5.8%.

There is currently 5,000,000 + square feet of office space under construction with about 45% pre leased.  The fourth quarter of 2019 is forecasted to deliver over one million square feet of office space with 800,000+ pre leased.

The average rental rate decreased over the quarter compared to Q2 of 2019 from $35.72/sf to $35.38/sf.  Rent for Class A lease space dropped by 6.2% to $49.47/sf from $52.78 in Q2 of 2019.    

Collier’s International | Q3 2019 | Austin Office Market Report

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Austin Home Sales Setting Records

Home sales and median sales prices hit an all time high for the month of September according to a recent Austin Board of Realtors report.  In the Austin metro area, sales increased by 13.4% with 2,654 homes sold resulting in the busiest September ever.  The median sales price for September was $320,000, a 7% year over year increase and the highest September median sales price ever.  Pending sales were up as well which suggests October will be another strong month.

Looking at the Austin market alone, 798 houses were sold which is a 15% increase over September 2018.  The median sales price totaled $406,000, an all time high for September.  Housing inventory decreased by ½ month year over year to leave it at 18 months of inventory currently.  Home prices continue to rise in the area because of these strong sales and the limited amount of inventory.

ABOR Blog September Housing Report

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Austin Retail Market Update

CBRE Research Q3 2019

Retail development is booming in Austin metro area with 1.28 million square feet of new space under construction in the area. 890,000 of the total is located outside the city in the suburbs. Occupancy remains steady at 96% although the average asking rate has dropped to $20.50/square foot.

Click here for more detail => Growth in Store for Austin Retail Market

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UNDER CONTRACT – For Sale 3200 Steck Ave, Suite 200

Building Entry

Property Type: Office Condominium

Address: 3200 Steck Avenue, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78757

Size: 3,882 square feet

Asking Price: $931,680

No. Units: 1

Sale Type: Owner/User

Floors: 3

Typical Floor Size: 11,583 square feet

Parking Ratio: 4 / 1,000 square feet

Location: One block east of Mopac at NE corner of Steck Avenue and Shoal Creek.

Description: Traditional office condominium design with atrium elevator lobby, abundant natural light and updated modern restrooms serving each floor. Suite 200 includes 9 offices, an open work area, break room, IT closet, and conference room. 4 parking spaces in first floor parking garage and 11 in parking lot.

Reception Area
Break Room
Typical Office
Conference Room

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