Can I operate a Business out of my Home in Austin, Texas?

This title refers to a question I am commonly asked.  Can I operate a Business out of my Home?  Or can I buy a home and operate my business out of a home I purchase?

Danny Brewer with the City of Austin Small Business Development Program answers with the following two links of information to answer this question.

My takeaways from reading through this information include:

1.  Yourself or a business partner need to live in the house.

2.  Have to maintain residential character of home.

3.  Must conduct business inside the dwelling unit.

4.  The sale of merchandise to customers on the premises is prohibited

5.  Business may not generate more than 3 vehicle trips per day of customer-related vehicular traffic.

6.  No parking of commercial vehicles is allowed.

7.  The following use are prohibited from operating out of a home.

    1. animal hospitals, animal breeding;
    2. clinics, hospitals;
    3. hospital services;
    4. contractors yards;
    5. dance studios;
    6. scrap and salvage services;
    7. massage parlors other than those employing massage therapists licensed by the state;
    8. restaurants;
    9. cocktail lounges;
    10. rental outlets;
    11. equipment sales;
    12. adult oriented businesses;
    13. recycling centers;
    14. drop-off recycling collection facilities;
    15. an activity requiring an H-occupancy under Section 25-12, Article 1 (Uniform Building Code);
      automotive repair services; and
      businesses involving the repair of any type of internal combustion engine, including equipment repair services.

Let me know if I can help you with your small business commercial real estate needs.

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    • Bryan Jacobs on March 2, 2020 at 3:01 pm

    I have a question about purchasing a business that has been running out of home since the 1970s? If I buy the business would I have to move it from the home that it has been operating out of for the last 40 years. Or could I buy the business and home?

  1. I don’t know enough about your situation to comment. I’d suggest reading through this post, clicking on the links and further exploring on the City of Austin website to determine if this property and situation matches up with the circumstances of this being allowed. Your alternative is to call the City of Austin Development Services Department at 311.

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